Three Students From St Aidans RC School

We returned to Bangladesh in July / August 2007 and three senior students from St Aidan's school came with us

David Cox (now a Medical Student)

Liam Wedderburn (now a Student Pharmacist)

Theo de Vies (now a Student Teacher)


St Aidans School Students’ visit to Bangladesh

Three 6th form students from St Aidans School, Sunderland visited Bangladesh for about four weeks in July and August 2007.


The primary purpose of the trip was to visit the Wear-Surma Clinic, which is located in a remote village in North East Bangladesh.


The students were accompanied by four adults, 3 of the adults have previously been to Bangladesh (one of the adults is Bangladeshi) and the adults returned to the UK after about two weeks, leaving the students in the care of friends in Bangladesh.


The climate in Bangladesh at that time of year is Tropical Monsoon and can be very unpredictable. It can swing from very hot and sunny (40c +) to long periods of torrential rain accompanied by high humidity and extensive flooding.


The vagaries of the weather could affect travel plans and our itinery and so we had contingency plans in place. We did not anticipate that the problems would be great in the towns, but special arrangements were made for the stay in the village, where conditions are primitive and access difficult even in fine weather.

The students were given advice about appropriate clothing and accoutrements. This included some emergency rations for the 7 days in the village if the local market became inaccessible.


The floods generate a large number of “creepy crawlies” ie snakes, cockroaches and lizards etc. not generally of concern, except to the squeamish. However, there are real risks. This a mosquito area and all must take advice from their GP about prophylaxis for malaria and inoculations against other local diseases. The Clinic doctor was on hand to deal with any emergency while in the village.


A Risk Assessment was completed between the students and the school.

Carol Elliott outside Wear Surma Clinin

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