Solar Ovens

During recent visits to the Clinic and village, we became aware of major problems the villagers had trying to cook their food. Villagers traditionally cook on tiny wood fires which are always inside the hut.


These wood fires are very smoky. They cause respiratory problems and we have seen terrible burns on children who have fallen into the fire. In addition, we were told that the firewood was expensive and scarce.


On return to the UK we made some extensive research and eventually discovered that there was an elegantly simple and cheap solution to what in fact is a major international problem. SOLAR cooking!
A solar oven can be simply made from cardboard and aluminium foil and can cook a meal of fish, lentils, rice etc in less than 2 hours.


Solar Cooking is now widely used in Africa, China, India and other sun-rich but fuel-poor countries. It is estimated that a family in Africa can save more than 70% of its annual fuel spending, with a corresponding reduction in de-forestation.


For some reason, solar cooking is not known in Bangladesh. However, by early 2010, we have successfully demonstrated to the villagers that one parabolic mirror solar cooker could provide a cooked meal for 50 school children. We are currently active with this programme.

Carol Elliott outside Wear Surma Clinin

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